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Bruce Holland Rogers

Column: Technically Speaking

In 2010, Bruce started transitioned from his Short-Short Sighted column about very short fiction (see below) to a new column about writing technique called Technically Speaking.

2011 Columns
May: Tea Party Rules — The Story Contract
April: Make It a Good Lie: Verisimilitude
March: Naming the Baby: Titles (Part II)
February: Naming the Baby: Titles (Part I)

2010 Columns
December: The King is Dead: Long Live the King!

Column: Short-Short Sighted: Writing the Short-Short Story

In 2008, Bruce started writing a column for Flash Fiction Online called Short-Short Sighted: Writing the Short-Short Story. He will ultimately compile the columns into a book.

2010 Columns
November: Again Again Again: Repetition
October: No column
September: Short-Sighted: Big Success on a Small Scale
August: By the Numbers: The Prose Sonnet
July: No column
June: Let Me Repeat That: A Prose Villanelle
May: Metamorphoses and Compassion
April: Small Rebellions: Prose Poems
March: Consolidated Flash and the Collective Narrator
February: A Story of n Words: How Low Can You Go?
January: Ellipsis: What To Leave Out

2009 Columns
December: Write Rites: The Ritual Story
November: George Washington’s Life in Baseball: Using Characters Your Reader Already Knows
October: No column
September: Collaborating with MICE: Using Theory as a Creative Partner
August: Flash Fiction of Event: Tackling a Problem
July: Flash Fiction of Character
June: Flash Fiction of Idea
May: No column
April: Flash Fiction of Milieu: What It’s Like Here
March: Less Than The Rules Demand: Getting By On Attitude
February: Zoom! Writing A Lifetime In A Page Or Two
January: Get Unreal: Expressionism, Surrealism, Magical Realism, and Fantasy

2008 Columns
December: Counting and Multiplying: The Birth and Evolution of the Three-Six-Nine
November: Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales
October: Take a Letter... or a Fire Extinguisher, about fixed forms found “in the wild”
September: One Loopy Sentence at a Time, about arbitrary fixed forms
August: Momentum, Disruption, and Proof of Deflection: A Story in Three Steps
July: The Fabulist's Tale, about fables and traditional tales
June: You'll Know It When You See It, an introduction to flash fiction

More from Bruce on Flash Fiction Online

Interview from February 2008.
Story “Reconstruction Work” (HTML, PDF, and MP3) from our first issue, December 2007.


Bruce Holland RogersBruce Holland Rogers has a home base in Eugene, Oregon, the tie-dye capital of the world, but until July of 2008 he is living in London, England. His fiction is all over the literary map. Some of it is SF, some is fantasy, some is literary. He has written mysteries, experimental fiction, and work that’s hard to label.

For six years, Bruce wrote a column about the spiritual and psychological challenges of full-time fiction writing for Speculations magazine. Many of those columns have been collected in a new book, Word Work: Surviving and Thriving as a Writer (an alternate selection of the Writers Digest Book Club).

He has taught creative writing at the University of Colorado and the University of Illinois. Bruce has also taught non-credit courses for the University of Colorado, Carroll College, the University of Wisconsin, and the private Flatiron Fiction Workshop. He makes frequent appearances at writer’s conferences. He is currently a member of the permanent faculty at the Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA program, a low-residency program that stands alone and is not affiliated with a college or university. It is the first and so far only program of its kind.

Links to More Bruce Stuff

Web Sites
Short Short Short
Bruce's page at SFF Net
Bruce's Live Journal page
Wikipedia Entry


A Selection of Books
Appeared in:
Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction Forward
The Keyhole Opera, short story collection and winner of the 2006 World Fantasy Award for best collection.
Word Work: Surviving and Thriving As a Writer
Bones of the World: Tales from Time's End


A Selection of Online Stories
The Dead Boy At Your Window”, winner of the Bram Stoker in 1998 and the Pushcart Prize in 1999
Estranged” and “Little Brother™” at Strange Horizons
Donat Bobet's Halloween” (plus interview) at Smokelong Quarterly
“Don Ysidro”, Infinity Plus (text) and Escape Pod (audio)
“Even Vadsø Thaws”, Sci Fi Dimensions (text) and Escape Pod (audio)
The Bullfrog and His Shadows” at Fables
Periwinkles” at The Absinthe Literary Review
Good Neighbors” at The Café Irreal


Some of Bruce's Online Interviews
2002: One Woman's Writing Retreat
2003: Writing In Spite Of It
2005: Infinity Plus
2005: Sci Fi Dimensions
2006: Vision: A Resource For Writers

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