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Dave Hoing

Work Available at Flash Fiction Online

Story “In An Old Man’s Lap” from our October 2011 issue.
Story “Is, Not Mighta Been” from our August 2010 issue.
Essay “Hand of the Dead” from our June 2008 issue.
Story “Souls of the Harvest” (HTML and PDF) from our February 2008 issue.


Dave Hoing.Editor’s note: I thought it best to let Dave speak in his own voice here. He wrote this in 2008.

I live in Waterloo, Iowa, with my stepdaughter Jovan (18), a cat named Toro (8), a puppy named Tree (3 months), and, of course, my wife Joni (age unavailable). The final member of the family, stepson Jon (23), has recently left home to see how he likes making his own way in the world. We haven’t rented out his room just yet...

Since one doesn’t generally get rich writing short stories, in real life I’m a Library Associate at the University of Northern Iowa, and have been for a very long time. (Sadly, one doesn’t get rich doing that, either.) UNI is the poor relation among Iowa’s three public universities, but it has produced such notables as Kurt Warner (quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals), with whom I once played basketball, Nancy Price (author of Sleeping with the Enemy), with whom I studied writing, and Robert Waller (author of The Bridges of Madison County), with whom I had no relationship whatsoever, other than to tell him when his books were due.

I’m a member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), with publications in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, PostScripts, Century, Hub, and others. Before the genre bug bit me I wrote and published mainly literary and mainstream fiction, with my work appearing in such magazines as Short Story Journal, Crosscurrents, The Pacific Review, The Coe Review, and Jabberwocky.

My current project, still in progress [published in 2010 — ed], is a historical novel called Hammon Falls, co-authored with Roger Hileman. It’s set primarily in Iowa between 1910-1940, with spatial stopovers in Paris, Dublin, Chicago, and Buffalo, plus occasional temporal side trips into present day. Written in literary style, with nary a whiff of fantasy or science fiction, its structure nevertheless uses some of the techniques of genre fiction.

Work Available Elsewhere On The Web

Most of Dave’s work has been in print, but Issue 23 of Hub (link in PDF), which contains his story “As The Crow Flies”, is available for free online.

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