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David Tallerman

Work Available at Flash Fiction Online

Story “Strive to be Happy” (HTML and PDF) from our July 2008 issue.
Story “The Desert Cold” from our February 2008 issue.


David Tallerman at ease in WalesDavid Tallerman spent four years at York University studying English Literature, specializing in the literary history of witchcraft — an education that left him ideally suited to be an English teacher, a witch, or some unlikely combination of the two.

Ever one to confound sensible expectations, he’s currently employed as an IT Contractor. Last year his stories appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Pseudopod, and Hub amongst others; this year he has work out or forthcoming in anthologies from Hadley Rille and Night Shade Books, webzine Chiaroscuro and magazine Aoife’s Kiss. He has also reviewed films, graphic novels, albums, and books for Son and Foe as well as Hub and MovieMail.

He can be found online at

Work Available Elsewhere On The Web

Dave’s work is pretty well documented on his Web site, but here is some of his fiction:

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