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In This Issue — Jake Freivald

December 2007

Our Inaugural Issue!

We're really pumped about our first issue. Our emphasis is stories, and we have three great ones to present.

Bruce Holland Rogers has a talent for very short fiction, as you might guess from the name of his Web site, Short Short Short. He has taught creative writing at the University of Colorado and the University of Illinois, and is a member of the permanent faculty at the one-of-a-kind Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA program. He knows how to thrive on his work; in fact, he has written a book about surviving and thriving as a writer. His contribution to this issue of flashfictiononline is called Reconstruction Work.

Suzanne Vincent has been published only once before, in Anotherealm, but her talent shines through in her haunting vignette, I Speak The Master's Will. You may see a lot more of her, and not just around here.

Finally, in our first "Classic Flash" installment, we'll revisit H.P. Lovecraft's What The Moon Brings. There's something creepy about this story that gets under my skin.

All three stories are illustrated by our Art Director and artist-in-residence, R.W. Ware. I couldn't be happier to have Rich working his magic. Each one struck me with its complete appropriateness for its story. Check them out in more detail — when you see the original creations on the Web site, click on them for a larger-sized version suitable for your desktop wallpaper.

We'd like to know what you think. You can vote on the stories in the Flash Forum, which also provides a venue for you to log in and discuss what you've read, or even to post a flash (in a password-protected environment, which won't count as "published" for submissions) for critiquing by other folks who are interested in short-short fiction.

And there's more. In the near term, we'll record the flashes so that you can listen to them instead of reading them. And we'll publish a few interesting items along the way, before our next stories ring in 2008.

Of course, you'll want to keep up with everything as it comes out. Visit our subscription page to receive Flash Fiction Online articles and stories in a reader or by email.

All of this means that this is your new source for quality flash fiction — complete stories at 1000 or fewer words — starting right now.

Happy Reading!

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