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In This Issue — Jake Freivald

January 2008

Start the New Year with a Flash

This issue will knock those new argyle socks of yours right off, no matter what your taste in fiction. Among our five stories, you're sure to find something that makes an impression.

Last month I promised a story from Eric Garcia, author of the Anonymous Rex series — a harbinger of insanity if I've ever heard one — and he delivered in spades. I found myself alternately getting the willies and stifling the giggles as I read "The Materialist".

We have a dash of literary fiction from Stefanie Freele in a story called "James Brown is Alive and Doing Laundry in South Lake Tahoe". The way she naturally controls the perspectives of four characters in a thousand-word story is fantastic.

I'm not quite sure how to categorize the contribution from Beth Wodzinski. It feels like fantasy, but there's nothing out-of-this-worldly about it. Call it literary if you like: she called it "The Human Clockwork".

Our fourth new story comes from a writer who's having a breakout year: it's his fourth publication. Rod M. Santos won the Liberty Hall Writers Workshop year-end flash contest for his fun, modern fantasy "Speed Dating and Spirit Guides". Worth reading — if only because I can't think of any other story with a character named "Skwidgie".

It's worth noting that both Rod and Beth are members of Liberty Hall. It's a great place to be, and if you want to know why, you should read our interview with Mike Munsil, LH's founder and proprieter.

Finally, our last story was written first: in 1884. It's Boleslaw Prus's "Mold of the Earth", translated by Christopher Kasparek. The symbolism is pretty clear throughout, but I really thought the last sentence made all the difference.

Happy Reading!

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