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Bruce Holland Rogers

August 2008


This story is an illustration of principles that the author, Bruce Holland Rogers, expounds upon in his column “Momentum, Disruption, and Proof of Deflection: A Story in Three Steps.”

Peg said to me, “You’re sure you want to come? They don’t always know until the blood tests come back.” But I wanted to take the day off. This was an occasion. Besides, it was a beautiful day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We took a streetcar, then walked two blocks. In the trees over Chester Avenue, squirrels frolicked and robins chirped. I saw people walking jolly dogs. Sunlight glinted on the windshields of parked cars. I held Peg’s hand.

The nurse called Peg’s name and took her to see the doctor. When Peg reappeared, she had a smile for me. “They’ll call when they get the lab report. But the doctor says she can already tell. I am. You’re going to be a daddy.”

I smiled. I kissed her. As we walked hand in hand to the streetcar stop, I noticed again that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and I remembered that sunlight can give you cancer. I wished for an umbrella. The trees over Chester Avenue were full of squirrels and robins. The fleas on squirrels can transmit plague. Birds made me think of West Nile virus. And all these dogs... Any one of them can bite, can carry rabies. As we crossed the street, I glared at the drivers. Sharp chrome. Glass. Peg said, “You’re hurting my hand.” I said I was sorry, and I lessened my grip. But not much.

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About the Author

Bruce Holland Rogers

The eyes of Bruce Holland Rogers

Bruce Holland Rogers has a home base in Eugene, Oregon, the tie-dye capital of the world. He writes all types of fiction: SF, fantasy, literary, mysteries, experimental, and work that’s hard to label.

For six years, Bruce wrote a column about the spiritual and psychological challenges of full-time fiction writing for Speculations magazine. Many of those columns have been collected in a book, Word Work: Surviving and Thriving as a Writer (an alternate selection of the Writers Digest Book Club). He is a motivational speaker and trains workers and managers in creativity and practical problem solving.

He has taught creative writing at the University of Colorado and the University of Illinois. Bruce has also taught non-credit courses for the University of Colorado, Carroll College, the University of Wisconsin, and the private Flatiron Fiction Workshop. He is a member of the permanent faculty at the Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA program, a low-residency program that stands alone and is not affiliated with a college or university. It is the first and so far only program of its kind. Currently he is teaching creative writing and literature at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, on a Fulbright grant.

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