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For Readers

Here are some other sources of flash fiction that we like.

  • Short Short Short, Bruce Holland Roger’s Web site. It contains several great sample stories, and you can subscribe to Bruce’s periodic short-fiction-by-email service. Bruce is the author of one of our first stories and a book on thriving as a writer.
  • 365 Tomorrows, a speculative fiction Web zine that delivers a flash every day.
  • Smokelong Quarterly, an online publication dedicated to (primarily literary) flash fiction. The name comes from the fact that each story is about “one smoke long.” (Like LP’s and pulse-tone phones, I wonder whether my kids will grow up not being able to relate to what “one smoke long” might mean.)
  • Vestal Review, a zine dedicated to literary flash fiction.
  • Every Day Fiction, a site that delivers a flash every day.
  • Adam Maxwell is a UK-based writer who publishes his own flash fiction on his Web site. Worth checking out for the design alone.
  • is just what it sounds like.
  • Eclectic Flash was just getting started when we created this link. Expect it to roll out in early 2010.

Check out these review sites to find out what you’re missing — or what you’d be better off missing.

Other fun or interesting sources of reading material:

  • Futurismic, "Near-future science fiction and fact since 2001," a science blog with lots of short fiction and links to free science fiction.
  • Sue Freivald’s blog. Yes, it’s the editor’s wife, but trust me, she’s much funnier than he is. Stories of what it’s like to raise seven kids in New Jersey. It’s usually flash-length, but the scary part is that it’s not fiction — except for the parts where she makes Jake look foolish.
  • Buttersafe, a Webcomic. Really, you ought to be reading it.

For Writers

You’ll enjoy these resources about writing. Some of them are focused on flash fiction.

Other sites we like:

In no particular order:


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