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Flash 12/2009, #1: Gwendolyn Clare

Brass Canaries

We perch next to the glass, where window shoppers can press their flushed faces against the panes and ooh and aah at us. It is shopping season. We know because they cover their hands in cloth, and the sky falls white and fluffy around their feet.

They hurry by in twos and threes, carrying bags and boxes clutched close to their bodies.... Read more: HTML 

In This Issue

This is our second anniversary. There are presents involved, but mostly Christmas ones: clockpunk canaries, and some from 1914. But there’s also a taste of what might have been, sabotage as catalyst, and a reprint of the award-winning “Don Ysidro”. We hope you enjoy them. And if you’re a writer, don’t forget Bruce’s column, either.

Our next issue goes live on January 5. Meanwhile, please subscribe if you haven’t already, comment on stories, and tip your favorite authors. Thanks! Read more

Flash 12/2009, #2: Ray Vukcevich

Note From The Future

I didn’t notice the note under my windshield until I’d already gotten into the car and put the key in the ignition. Immediately, a sequence of future events came into my mind. I would open the car door. I wouldn’t take the keys out of the ignition as I got out. I would automatically push the lock button down. Read more: HTML 

Flash 12/2009, #4: Bruce Holland Rogers

Don Ysidro

An exemplar for Short-short Sighted #17, below, and a World Fantasy award winner.

On that last morning, anyone who came to visit me could see that I was dying. I knew it myself. As if I had cotton in my ears, I heard the voice of don Leandro saying to my wife, “Doña Susana, I think it is time to fetch the priest,” and I thought, yes, it’s time. Read more: HTML 

Short-Short Sighted #17

On using ritual in stories. Read more

Flash 12/2009, #3: Rick Novy



Chief Engineer Hoyle nodded. “I caught Officer Jarimath mucking about with the safety controls myself.”

The commander turned around to stare at the dim yellow star that controlled this solar system. “And there’s no way to vent the fuel?”

“The relief valve is frozen solid.” Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #25: Punch, December 16, 1914

Christmas Presents, 1914.

“It’s perfectly simple,” said the Reverend Henry, adopting his lofty style. “We must cut the whole lot. There is no other course.”

“I don’t consider that your opinion is of any value whatever,” said Eileen. “In fact you ought not to be allowed to take part in this discussion. Every one knows that you have always tried to get out of Christmas presents... Read more: HTML 

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