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Other Goodies


These links are for both readers and writers. You'll find excellent stories, great resources for learning to write flash fiction (and fiction in general), and much more.

Turkey City Lexicon

The Turkey City Lexicon is a copyright-free collaborative document that shows common writing errors, gaffes, and stylistic problems as found in a variety of workshops. While it focuses on science fiction, it's worthwhile reading for any would-be writer.

Cutting Blog: Creating Concise Prose

A while back, Jake discovered that many writers with whom he worked hadn't focused on making their prose as concise as possible. Conciseness isn't everything, but cutting fat — sometimes by 30-50 percent — can make prose more accessible and impactful. This blog shows real-life examples of how prose can be cut. If you'd like your prose to be cut, send us a 1000-word or smaller sample. Check it out!

Non-writing Goodies

Lynx text-only browser: The Lynx browser provides fast text-only browsing. Jim Spath maintains a precompiled Windows-based version that I use to test Flash Fiction Online. To thank him, I'm hosting the files here. Get the standard Windows Lynx release 2.8.5 distribution and the Lynx partial bundle here. Also, if you need it, you can get the iconv.dll file here.

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