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In This Issue: Suzanne Vincent

In This Issue

Ah, Love.

As philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness.”

So, for this month of love, we bring you something of the madness and the reason of love. Read more: HTML 

Flash 2/2012, #1: KJ Kabza

Surface Tension

I hate it when she does this.

Brianna lies in the bathtub on her back, one knee bent and leaning in, making the lines of her hips twist and beckon. She lies in deep water, her eyes in calculating slits, the exhalations from her nose rippling a tiny current atop the surface.

I refuse to acknowledge this. I flip up the toilet seat and take myself out like nothing’s wrong.

Brianna’s mouth rises above the waterline. “What are you doing?” Read more: HTML 

Flash 2/2012, #2: Zach Shephard


The winged infant adjusted his diaper and blew a curl of golden hair away from his face. He wobbled on intoxicated legs, steadied himself and accepted the dart that was handed to him.

“What’ll it be this time?” he asked.

The bearded man rubbed his chin and considered the question. The patrons of the tavern mumbled to one another, giggling at their own suggestions. One of them shouted, “Between the legs!”

The bearded man smiled. “Yes,” he said. “That.”

Cupid tried to twirl the dart in his hand, but lost control and dropped it. He bent to pick it up and nearly fell over, catching himself on both hands. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #54: Robert Sharp

“Man May Love”

“Miss Young, I want to ask you something,” and Geoffrey modestly pulled the sheets close up under his pink chin. “I suppose you’ll think me an awful bore for saying this to you so abruptly, but I’m dreadfully in earnest. Will you marry me, please?”

Miss Young did not stop a minute in her deft arrangement of his breakfast tray. She didn’t even blush. “No, I don’t think I will,” she answered. “You see, I can’t marry everyone that asks me.”

“How many have you married already?”

“Well, I haven’t married any yet.”

“Then marry me.” Read more: HTML 

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