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January 2010

Tim Pratt
Tree Riesener
Ken Pisani
Last Bites
Bruce Holland Rogers
Okra, Sorghum, Yam
Ambrose Bierce
The Failure of Hope & Wandel
(Classic Flash)

February 2010

Paige Gardner
The Times That Bleed Together
Aaron Bilodeau
Aimee C. Amodio
Six Reasons Why My Sister Hates Me
Bruce Holland Rogers
Six One-Sentence Stories
Mark Twain
The Five Boons Of Life
(Classic Flash)

March 2010

Daniel José Older
Midnight Mambo
Caroline M. Yoachim
Blood Willows
Andrew Gudgel
On Green Hills
Bruce Holland Rogers
We Stand Up
Kate Chopin
The Blind Man
(Classic Flash)

April 2010

Jonathan Vos Post
ZigZag Strikes Again
Tom Crosshill
Zombie Of His Early Days
John Wiswell
Alligators By Twitter
Contintental Monthly
Bust-Head Whiskey
(Classic Flash)

May 2010

John C. Wright
A Random World Of Delta Capricorni Aa, Also Called Scheddi
Amy Treadwell
Candy Floss Time
Hayley E. Lavik
Fool's Fire
Bruce Holland Rogers
Sea Anenomes
Lord Dunsany
The Beggars (Classic Flash)

June 2010

Saki The Talking-out of Tarrington
Charles Dickens The Artful Touch
Ambrose Bierce One Summer Night
Franz Kafka Give It Up!
Punch, 1891 Taking The Census
H.P. Lovecraft Memory
Barbour & Osborne Thicker Than Water
Jack Douglas Test Rocket

July 2010

Polenth Blake
Through Amber Eyes
Indrapramit Das
Kolkata Sea
Tom Crosshill
Sandra Plays For The Cast-Iron Man
Lord Dunsany
The Watch-tower (Classic Flash)

August 2010

Dave Hoing
Is, Not Mighta Been
Michael Aaron
The Numbers Game
Bruce Holland Rogers
The Invisible Man
Bruce Holland Rogers
Elliott Flower
The Winner’s Loss
(Classic Flash)

September 2010

Andrew Gudgel
Alan Grayce
No Show
KJ Kabza
Now Open
Punch, 1914
A Tobacco Plant
(Classic Flash)

October 2010

Erin E. Stocks
Becoming Normal
Shannon Connor Winward
When She’s Ready
Stephen Smith
Childhood Fears
Lord Dunsany
The Day of the Poll
(Classic Flash)
H.P. Lovecraft
(Classic Flash)

November 2010

Gina Sakalarios-Rogers
Canine 401(k)
Peter McLean
Bruce Holland Rogers
Love Is Strange
Lord Dunsany
The Hen (Classic Flash)

December 2010

Ellise Heiskell
Round Trip
Michael Plemmons
Gary Cuba
Firing Squad
The First Puritan Christmas Tree (Classic Flash)

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