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January 2009

Mike Resnick
The Fallen Angel
Stefanie Freele
The Flood of ’09
Robin Gillespie
As Their Eyes Touched God
Bruce Holland Rogers
Anton Chekhov
An Enigmatic Nature
(Classic Flash)

February 2009

Jay Lake
Golden Pepper
Robert Borski
The Scarecrow’s Inamorata
Tony Rogers: The Universe Has It In For Harry
Bruce Holland Rogers
A Spring Idyll
(Classic Flash)

March 2009

Ariella Adler
Emily Leverett
Gustav’s Mars
Oscar Windsor-Smith
Trumpet Volunteer
Bruce Holland Rogers
Baby, It Didn’t Have to Happen This Way
Lord Dunsany
The Song of the Blackbird
(Classic Flash)

April 2009

Rod M. Santos
I Foretold You So
William Highsmith
Discerning Women
Sheila Crosby
The Mummy’s Curse
Bruce Holland Rogers
Unpleasant Features
of Our New Address
Punch, Jan 7, 1893
Novel, But Not New
(Classic Flash)

May 2009

Bryan Wang
Isaac Espriu
Jack Rabbit
KJ Kabza
Billions of Stars
Punch, Mar 26, 1919
To The Death!
(Classic Flash)

June 2009

Sarah Adams
Branwen’s Revenge
Shelly Rae Rich
Atypical Research
K.C. Ball
At Both Ends
Bruce Holland Rogers
Visions of Gingerbread
Kate Chopin
The Kiss
(Classic Flash)

July 2009

Scott Lininger
Love Bound
Jill Zeller
The Call
T.C. Powell
Through The Window
Bruce Holland Rogers
Robert J. Martin
Beyond Pandora
(Classic Flash)

August 2009

There Are No Great Truths HerePurposeA Taste For LifeThe Lobbyist’s TaleDeath and Odysseus

D.T. Friedman
There Are No Great Truths Here
R.W. Ware
Patrick Freivald
A Taste For Life
Bruce Holland Rogers
The Lobbyist’s Tale
Lord Dunsany
Death and Odysseus
(Classic Flash)

September 2009

Ray Vukcevich
Suddenly Speaking
Mark Patrick Morehead
Patrick Lundrigan
How High The Moon
Punch, January 28, 1914
Miranda’s Will
(Classic Flash)

October 2009

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Eating It Too
S. Craig Renfroe
Death Babies
Damon Shaw
The Door
H.P. Lovecraft
(Classic Flash)

November 2009

Leslie A. Dow
My Superpower
Alan Grayce
A Delivery of Cheesesteaks
Janene Murphy
Irma Splinkbottom’s Recipe for Cold Fusion
Sung Yü
Master T’ēng-tu
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
President Of Baseball Operations

December 2009

Gwendolyn Clare
Brass Canaries
Ray Vukcevich
Note From The Future
Rick Novy
Punch, Dec 16, 1914
Christmas Presents, 1914
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Don Ysidro

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