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Flash 4/2009, #1: Rod M. Santos

I Foretold You So

When Straven, Prophet of Peekh, chanced upon Asha, Oracle of the Hyperopic Temple, even the gods raised their eyebrows at the romance that followed. Now one might think the two greatest seers of the realm could have predicted their own heartbreaks, but their potent foresight proved useless against a time-tested truth.

Love is blind.
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Flash 4/2009, #2: William Highsmith

Discerning Women

Alexa Cambridge reported to the Human Registration Center as instructed by the Braxian governor. The room looked like a polling place on election day, frantic with women at two dozen stations. Alexa read her kiosk’s instructions, with its famously fractured English, and began.

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Fool Flash 2009: Sheila Crosby

The Mummy’s Curse

Last year, we published a feghoot on April Fool’s day. We’re doing it again this year, I’m sorry to say. What’s a feghoot, you ask? I’m so glad you did...

“Don’t go in there!”

“What?” Mirza Khan turned to look back at Adelaide, tripped over the shin-high railings and fell over. “Ow!” He rubbed his bruised elbow and glared at Adelaide.

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Short-Short Sighted #11: Bruce Holland Rogers

Flash Fiction of Milieu: What It’s Like Here

This is the first of four articles covering the MICE Quotient: Milieu, Idea, Character, and Event. Bruce discusses these elements (with a tip of the hat to Orson Scott Card) and goes into greater depth on milieu. His exemplar for the month is called, Unpleasant Features of Our New Address.” Read more: HTML 

Flash 4/2009, #4: Bruce Holland Rogers

Unpleasant Features of Our New Address

One, the overgrown tangle of weeds that is the back garden. None of us owns the land. Not us, not Andy and Tomi in the flat above ours, not Enrico in the flat below. Enrico says “They should send a gardener round,” and we agree that yes, they should. Whoever they are.

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Classic Flash #17: Punch, January 7, 1893

Novel, But Not New

I thought this Classic Flash was funny because its title seems so terribly appropriate: it’s an 1893 story that seems quite topical in this day of print-on-demand services. Enjoy! — Ed.

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