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Flash 5/2009, #1: Bryan S. Wang


Vinnie instructed us to undress. “The little wimps are going for a swim!” he shouted. His gang was gathered down along the bank at the base of the waterfall. One of the bigger boys let out a whoop and yelled back up, Throw the losers over!

From the outcrop on which we stood, it was nearly a thirty-foot drop to the water.... Read more: HTML 

In This Issue: Jake Freivald

In This Issue

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We have three great new stories and a Classic Flash this month, from new and experienced authors. Bruce Holland Rogers is on hiatus, but we’ve published an index of his columns so far. For more information, follow the Read More link.

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Flash 5/2009, #2: Isaac Espriu

Jack Rabbit

Disconnected. The desire for immediate reconnection was so strong it hurt. Carefully removing the nutrient and waste tubes from my body, I stepped away from the jack, legs barely able to take my weight....

I’d pushed the limit this time around. Twelve days. Two hundred and ninety-two hours, to be exact. Read more: HTML 

Short-Short Sighted: Bruce Holland Rogers

Short-Short-Sighted Index

With Bruce on hiatus this month, we thought it would be a good idea to create a list of all eleven of his columns so far. He’s already covered a lot of turf: from fixed forms, traditional tales, and word-count restrictions to the deliberate shattering of form and evasion of tradition. Each has at least one story to illustrate his point, too — all of which are well worth reading. Read more: HTML 

Flash 5/2009, #3: KJ Kabza

Billions of Stars

Dom pried the thing out of the hard ground, then held it up to inspect it. It appeared to be a planet: its icy poles chilled his hands, and its dirty continents smudged his fingers as he turned it about in his palms.

Dom looked around himself from where he squatted. The empty prairie stretched for miles, and the grass nearby was free of any footprints. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #18: Punch, March 26, 1919

To The Death!

“Cauliflower!” shrieked Gaspard Volauvent across the little table in the estaminet. His face bristled with rage.

“Serpent!” replied Jacques Rissolo, bristling with equal dexterity.

The two stout little men glared ferociously at each other. Then Jacques picked up his glass and poured the wine of the country over his friend’s head. Read more: HTML 

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