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In This Issue: Jake Freivald

In This Issue

We love finding new authors. Our first story this month, a fantasy called Seed, is the first professional publication of N.V. Binder — and it’s worth reading.

We love stories that show a sense of humor. Our second story this month, The Pony Spell by Garry McNulty, definitely shows a sense of humor — with a bit of a bite to it.

Our Classic Flash is a sharp-witted vignette from the venerable Punch. Read more: HTML 

Flash 3/2012, #1: N. V. Binder


I remember how the sky looked, in the early days, when we called our time Austerity, not Collapse. I was eleven years old and Huntsville, Alabama was at the peak of the weather boom. Ninety-one degrees in January, everything turning brown, ice and snow a fairy story for every kid under the age of thirteen.

The sky that year was brilliant yellow and red and orange from the dust — even at noon on a clear day, and they were all clear days. Huntsville was a big city then. The weather boom was economic, not meteorological.... Read more: HTML 

Flash 3/2012, #2: Garry McNulty

The Pony Spell

The Witch Kantrina turned my wife, Frieda, into a pony. Most people in the village are referring to it as an evil curse and I suppose it was meant to be just that. The truth is our three children have always wanted a pony, and to show their appreciation they’ve begun helping with the household chores and shoveling up their mother’s poop.

I have no idea why my wife thought it was a good idea to fight with a witch over the last sweater on sale at Slattery’s Department Store. Frieda already owned two sweaters. Who needs more than two sweaters? Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #55: Punch, September 3, 1887

Salubrities Abroad

Salubrities Abroad was a regular feature in Punch. Although not normally what I’d consider a short story, this one has that sort of character.

Still at Royat. Hotel Continental. — A propos of Puller “airing his French” Miss Louisa Metterbrun said something delightful to him the other day at dinner. Puller had been instructing us all in some French idioms until Madame Metterbrun set him right in his pronunciation. He owned that he had made a slip. “But,” says he... Read more: HTML 

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