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January 2008

Eric Garcia
The Materialist
Stefanie Freele
James Brown is Alive
and Doing Laundry
in South Lake Tahoe
Beth Wodzinski
The Human Clockwork
Rod M. Santos
Speed Dating and Spirit Guides
Boleslaw Prus
Mold of the Earth
(Classic Flash)
For Writers: An Interview with Liberty Hall founder Mike Munsil
For Readers: Allegory vs. Symbolism — What’s It All Mean?

February 2008

Dave Hoing
Souls of the Harvest
Jeff Soesbe
Apologies All Around
Ann Pino
Masquerade at
Well Country Camp
E.M. Clinton
Untechnological Employment
(Classic Flash)
For Readers: An Interview with Bruce Holland Rogers

March 2008

James Van Pelt
Just Before Recess
Glenn Lewis Gillette
Downstream From Divorce
David Tallerman
The Desert Cold
Barbara A. Barnett
Lucky Clover
Mark Twain
A Telephonic Conversation
(Classic Flash)
For Readers:
An Interview with Eric Garcia

April 2008

Carl Frederick
The Dyslexicon
Dalton Keane
Call of the Wild, Line Three
Hank Quense
Fast Living
Kurt Bachard
How Not to Stage a Play at the Royal Theatre in the Aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse
Kevin Scott
Quiet, Please! (Classic Flash)

May 2008

Bruce McAllister
Ron Richardson
Bus Ride
John Moran
Select Your Champions
H.P. Lovecraft
Ex Oblivione
(Classic Flash)

June 2008

Hand of the DeadYou'll Know It When You See It

Wade Rigney
The Sad Girl
William Highsmith
Copper Boss
Dave Hoing
Hand of the Dead
Gabriel García Márquez
One of These Days
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #1
You’ll Know It
When You See It

July 2008

Jennifer Tatroe
David Tallerman
Strive to be Happy
Brenda Kalt
The Longer View
Ambrose Bierce
John Mortonson’s Funeral
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #2
The Fabulist’s Tale, with
The Bullfrog and His Shadows

August 2008

Elizabeth Creith
Stone the Crows
Mark Cole
Reverse Engineering
Michael Kelly
On The Road With Rutger
Lord Dunsany
The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise (Classic)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #3
Momentum, Disruption, and Proof of Deflection,
with Daddy

September 2008

Stephen Book
Beyond the Pale
Tess Almendarez-Lojacono
Just One Thing
Christof Whiteman
The Trick
Edgar Allan Poe
Shadow — A Parable
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #4
One Loopy Sentence
at a Time

October 2008

Amy Treadwell
Gay Degani
Dani-Girl’s Guide to Getting Everything Right
Ripley Patton
Traveling by Petroglyph
Virginia Woolf
A Haunted House
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #4
Take A Letter...Or
A Fire Extinguisher

November 2008

Mercedes M. Yardley
Ray The Vampire
Amanda Yskamp
The Scientific Method
Suzanne Vincent
The Cleansing
Franz Kafka
A Little Fable
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #5
Fairy Tales, with
The Dead Boy
At Your Window

December 2008

Lydia Ondrusek
Sue Burke
Normalized Death
Wade Rigney
Pocket Change
Fredric Brown
Earthmen Bearing Gifts
(Classic Flash)
Bruce Holland Rogers
Short-short Sighted #6
Counting and Multiplying
with several examples

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