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There’s something for everyone in this issue: boys at an abandoned mill, high-functioning robots, a little speculative non-fiction, and a classic. And if you’re a writer, you can see the first column in Bruce Holland Rogers’s new series about writing the short-short form. Read more!

Short-Short Sighted #1: Bruce Holland Rogers

You’ll Know It When You See It

Flash Fiction Online is extremely proud to welcome Bruce Holland Rogers, award-winning author and educator, as he begins his new column, entitled “Short-Short Sighted: Writing the Short-Short Story.” His first column frames the question that will lead us through the rest of his columns: What exactly is this short-short story thing that we keep talking about? Read more: HTML 

Flash 6/2008, #1: Wade Rigney

The Sad Girl

Donny Ray and Jim-Jim straddled their bikes on the bank of the stream and stared at the old Patterson Mill. Mr. Kent, the school janitor, had told them it had been haunted by a little girl named Sarah Tibbett since long about the 1920s. . . . Standing in the old mill’s shadows, Donny Ray could believe this was a place spirits dwelled. Read more: HTML PDF 

Flash 6/2008, #2: William Highsmith

Copper Boss

“Broken robutt,” Kent said. He picked through a bin of replacement body parts, but couldn’t find an exact fit. “Crap. I’ll get my butt kicked off, too, if this assembler’s not back on the line within the hour.”

Sarah rummaged through the manufacturing stock and found a curved copper part with about the same dimensions as the flat plate that Kent needed. “Can you make this work?” Read more: HTML PDF 

For Readers: Dave Hoing

The Hand of the Dead

Dave Hoing, author of “Souls of the Harvest” from our February issue, sent me The Hand of the Dead with an odd explanation: “Although it’s short enough to qualify as flash, I’m not sure if it’s fictional enough to qualify as fiction.” Call it a speculative essay, if you like — it stems from his love of old books, and the legacy captured in the handwriting inside a 1792 bible. — Ed. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #7: Gabriel García Márquez

One Of These Days

“Tell him I’m not here.”

He was polishing a gold tooth. He held it at arm’s length, and examined it with his eyes half closed. His son shouted again from the little waiting room.

“He says you are, too, because he can hear you.”

The dentist kept examining the tooth. Only when he had put it on the table with the finished work did he say: “So much the better.” Read more: HTML PDF 

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