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Flash 11/2008, #2: Amanda Yskamp

The Scientific Method

The Colegio de Caribe was established for the foreign executives of Dole banana in Costa Rica to have a school for their kids, insulated from the locals. By the time my sister, Lisë, and I joined the staff, it served the spoiled scions of the town’s doctors, lawyers, and business class.... What I saw repulsed me beyond anything I’d seen that whole year. Read more: HTML PDF 

Flash 11/2008, #3: Suzanne Vincent

The Cleansing

Tom heaved Harold Tueller’s body overboard and gave it to the sea.

He listened as Harold thudded against Nautica’s side then splashed into the waves below. Nautica creaked and groaned a eulogy. Tom bowed his head and let her speak, then said his Amens.

The first of the crew had died not two days out of Havana. A horrible death.... Read more: HTML PDF 

Flash 11/2008, #1: Mercedes M. Yardley

Ray the Vampire

The thing about Ray was his insatiable thirst for blood. He has read every self-help book out there, including the Bible (“It doesn’t burn like I thought it would”), and even got hypnotized — though he tried to bite the hypnotist. But his obsession got annoying. “You know what this popcorn needs? Blood.” “Let’s go get a soda and a little blood.” “Blood blood blood blood blood.” We all kept our pets away from Ray. Read more: HTML PDF 

Short-Short Sighted #6: Bruce Holland Rogers

Once Upon A Time: Fairy Tales

The latest installment of Bruce Holland Rogers’s “Short-Short Sighted” column discusses fairy tales. His short-short story example, “The Dead Boy At Your Window,” is a haunting example — and winner of the Bram Stoker and the Pushcart Prize. Don’t miss it. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #12: Franz Kafka

A Little Fable

With election day approaching, I thought of “change,” which led to “Metamorphosis,” which led to Kafka. I offer this tiny classic — just 87 words in translation — in honor of election day. Interpret it as you will. Read more: HTML 

In This Issue, 11/2008: Jake Freivald

The End of the Year

This issue marks the end of our first full year of publishing, and I give a few statistics in this article. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. In addition, we have some great stories — haunting and compelling — and a new column by Bruce Holland Rogers. Read more: HTML 

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