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In This Issue: Suzanne Vincent


In this issue: Viewpoint. What we see and how we see are seldom the same thing. It’s the glass-half-empty-or-half-full idea. Even a small change in how we view our world and circumstances can be life-changing.

Look for “light bulb” moments in “A Place for Passions” by Michael Banker and “The Mirror With Six Faces” by David Larson. Our Classic Flash is “A Pretty Quarrel” by Lord Dunsany. Read more: HTML 

Flash 6/2012, #1: Michael T. Banker

A Place For Passions

Four. That’s how many suicide attempts it took to get me committed to Pleasant Gardens, where I scratched at my wrists and tried not to look at my older brother Pete standing a careful foot away. We walked along smooth stepping stones, my brother and I, trapped by walls of flowers.

“Oh, look,” said Pete after too long. “Cherry blossoms. Love those.”

Something about the way he said “love” made my ears perk up. “You do?” Read more: HTML 

Flash 6/2012, #2: David Glen Larson

The Mirror With Six Faces

Ruben felt different the moment he awoke, but wasn’t sure until he looked in the mirror. There was the confirmation. The eyes looking back weren’t his, yet he recognized them as he would his own. They belonged to the entity.

He was only twelve or thirteen the first time it crawled into his skin, but he hadn’t been afraid, and when he/she/it had gone again, he felt hollow, like an empty house, his own lonely voice echoing off his bare inner walls. But it had always come back to him, and this morning he was full again. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #58: Lord Dunsany

A Pretty Quarrel

On one of those unattained, and unattainable pinnacles that are known as the Bleaks of Eerie, an eagle was looking East with a hopeful presage of blood.

For he knew, and rejoiced in the knowledge, that eastward over the dells the dwarfs were risen in Ulk, and gone to war with the demi-gods.

The demi-gods are they that were born of earthly women, but their sires are the elder gods who walked of old among men. Disguised they would go through the villages sometimes in summer evenings... Read more: HTML 

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