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In This Issue, 5/2008

Great stuff this month. Two-time Hugo nominee Bruce McAllister’s “Game”. New writer John Moran’s “Select Your Champions”. A bit of microfiction from Ron Richardson called “Bus Ride”. And a classic from H.P. Lovecraft called “Ex Oblivione”. Dive in! Read more: HTML 

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Flash 5/2008, #1: Bruce McAllister


This game is called Is Love Possible? It’s a virtual game — real cutting-edge interface software — that (1) draws on your life, hopes, and fears; (2) may or may not, my therapist says, have any therapeutic benefits; and (3) costs over two grand with my therapist’s discount, and needs three more in hardware from Circuit City, Best Buy, wherever.

“Okay,” I say, to make him happy. Read more: HTML PDF 

Flash 5/2008, #2: Ron Richardson

Bus Ride

I usually let the first part of a story draw in readers on their own. If I did that with Ron Richardson’s “Bus Ride”, it would probably use up half the word count — at 175 words, this is most likely the shortest story that Flash Fiction Online will ever publish. It rings true to me, too, having once served in the U.S. Marine Corps. So kick back and give it a read. I promise it won’t take very long. — Ed. Read more: HTML PDF 

Flash 5/2008, #3: John Moran

Select Your Champions

So there we were: myself and Hannibal and Genghis Khan. Hannibal had the hill, while Genghis was sneaking round the rear.

Only for the lizard to call for another halt.

“What is it now?” I shouted.

The avatar appeared, all Greek robes and long flowing hair. He stood between me and the alien lizard and translated.

“He thinks you should choose only from the last three hundred years.” Read more: HTML PDF 

Classic Flash #6: H. P. Lovecraft

Ex Oblivione

When the last days were upon me, and the ugly trifles of existence began to drive me to madness like the small drops of water that torturers let fall ceaselessly upon one spot of their victims body, I loved the irradiate refuge of sleep. In my dreams I found a little of the beauty I had vainly sought in life, and wandered through old gardens and enchanted woods.... Read more: HTML PDF 

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