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Flash 7/2009, #1: Scott Lininger

Love Bound

Sujatmi left the jungle and approached the skeletal husk of the hotel. As her booted feet crossed the verdant edge of nature’s reclaiming, she heard the crunching of rubble and bone. The Pillow Boy appeared in the girders. “Mama’s gone,” it wailed. “She’s... just teeth now.” It piped and moaned as it clutched its filthy pillow to its chest... Read more: HTML 

In This Issue: Jake Freivald

In This Issue

Start reading! We have a ghost story, a sobering mainstream story (that seems especially relevant with all of the US healthcare discussions), an honest-to-goodness romance (!), and a science fiction Classic Flash.

Bruce Holland Rogers discusses character and gives us character story called “Jerry”.

Our next issue goes live on August 4. Meanwhile, please subscribe if you haven’t already, and tip your favorite authors. Thanks! Read more: HTML 

Flash 7/2009, #2: Jill Zeller

The Call

If Monica didn’t go to work, stayed home with Sam and let the care-giver have the day off, then the thing wouldn’t happen.

If she wasn’t there when the manager called her into her office, if she wasn’t there when they escorted her to her desk to watch her shovel her stuff into boxes, if she wasn’t there when they shrugged as she asked would they call her a taxi... Read more: HTML 

Flash 7/2009, #3: T. C. Powell

Through The Window

“Men!” Saldana said, as though it needed no elaboration. Lise and Maggie nodded their agreement.

They sat around the Denny’s table on a lazy Saturday afternoon, finishing slices of pie. Saldana, three years removed from a five year marriage, had the most authority in these discussions. She understood this and kept the ball rolling. Read more: HTML 

Flash 7/2009, #4: Bruce Holland Rogers


An exemplar for Short-short Sighted #13 on Flash Fiction of Character.

For the first two years of grade school, Jerry’s mother dressed her like a boy and gave her a boy’s haircut. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #20: Robert J. Martin

Beyond Pandora

The doctor’s pen paused over the chart on his desk, “This is your third set of teeth, I believe?”

His patient nodded, “That’s right, Doctor. But they were pretty slow coming in this time.”

The doctor looked up quizzically, “Is that the only reason you think you might need a booster shot?”

“Oh, no... of course not!” The man leaned forward and placed one hand, palm up, on the desk.... Read more: HTML 

Short-Short Sighted #13: Bruce Holland Rogers

Flash Fiction of Character

Bruce continues his discussion of the MICE quotient by talking about Flash Fiction of Character. Read more: HTML 

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