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Flash 8/2009, #1: D. T. Friedman

There Are No Great Truths Here

Just as the sign says, my friend. This booth is hardly grand, and the fair isn’t exactly surpassing its county roots, either, is it? Shouldn’t the truths match the environs? Anyway, if you truly wanted capital-T Truth, you would stop at nothing to seek it on your own. You wouldn’t find it as a passing fancy from a grifter on the midway. Read more: HTML 

In This Issue: Jake Freivald

In This Issue

This is a good month, although strange in a few ways that I detail in the column. We have three new stories, a Classic Flash, and the wrap-up to Bruce’s study of the MICE quotient.

Our next issue goes live on September 1. Meanwhile, please subscribe if you haven’t already, and tip your favorite authors. Thanks! Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2009, #2: R. W. Ware


I know I’m going to die soon. It’s my heart.

Sometimes it’s painful, sharp pains that drill right through me; sometimes it’s a pin-drop that echoes throughout my body like ripples in a puddle. For me, all time stops.

My fate is certain. There are few specialists left, and those that are have kept to the big cities, where there is electricity and big hospitals. My concern is for my son... Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2009, #3: Patrick Freivald

A Taste For Life

“And how old were you when you died, Mister Beauchamp?” Joan Rothman asked, leaning back in her chair. The scientists watched her behind the one-way mirror, hands clasped behind their backs.

“Twenty-seven,” the corpse replied, more gurgle than speech, as it gazed idly around the interview room. Joan jotted down the response, then chewed pensively on the tip of her red pen. Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2009, #4: Bruce Holland Rogers

The Lobbyist’s Tale

An exemplar for Short-short Sighted #14 on Flash Fiction of Event.

After my favorite bill died in committee, I went to the conference room to view the body. Read more: HTML 

Short-Short Sighted #14: Bruce Holland Rogers

Flash Fiction of Event:
Tackling a Problem

Bruce’s final column in the discussion of MICE (Milieu, Idea, Character, and Event) focuses on Event stories. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #21: Lord Dunsany

Death and Odysseus

In the Olympian courts Love laughed at Death, because he was unsightly, and because She couldn’t help it, and because he never did anything worth doing, and because She would.

And Death hated being laughed at, and used to brood apart thinking only of his wrongs and of what he could do to end this intolerable treatment.

But one day Death appeared in the courts with an air and They all noticed it. “What are you up to now?” said Love. Read more: HTML 

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