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Flash 8/2010, #1: Dave Hoing

Is, Not Mighta Been

Some folks see the hand of the Lord in happenings that nothing but dumb chance. They say He separate people or bring them together by His own plan. Well, I say God don’t bother Hisself with our daily affairs, so if you see a man in a place you don’t expect, then that just one of them things. Ain’t no beam of light breaking through the clouds or angels singing hallelujah. Just is, is all. Read more: HTML 

In This Issue: Jake Freivald

Playing Dice With The Issue

Dave Hoing returns after a long haitus with a literary story about freed slaves during the Civil War. Michael Aaron debuts with a typical story about a hero fighting a Dark Lord — so typical, in fact, that it seems to happen a lot. Our Classic Flash is about a roll of cash, and the man who lost it. Bruce Holland Rogers is back with one column and two “prosesonnets”. Thanks for reading! Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2010, #2: Michael Aaron

The Numbers Game

Ed. note: This isn’t your typical sword-and-sorcery tale. Is it?...

“Fell Sorcerer, your evil reign is at an end!” Sathrus said. He flicked his long blonde hair to one side and raised the Sword of Khandalon above his head, rippling muscles ready to strike the fatal blow. “As sole heir to the ancient line of Khandar, I shall take my rightful place as King, and bring justice to the land — ” Read more: HTML 

Short-Short Sighted #24: Bruce Holland Rogers

By The Numbers: The Prose Sonnet

Any time I begin a discussion of fixed forms, the first such form that I mention is the sonnet. Even if many readers can’t name the rules of a sonnet, they at least know that a sonnet is a short poem written to a set of arbitrary rules, and it’s easy to proceed from that example to a discussion of how a writer might compose by first choosing the rules and then, line by line, finding content to fit them. Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #40: Elliott Flower

The Winner’s Loss

“Bet you fifty!”

“Aw, make it worth while.”

“Two hundred!”

“You’re on. Let Jack hold the stakes.”

“Suits me.”

Four hundred dollars was placed in the hands of Jack Strong by the disputatious sports, and he carefully put it away with the lone five-dollar bill of which he was possessed. Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2010 #3: Bruce Holland Rogers

The Invisible Man

An English Prose Sonnet.

When the guy with the junked-out cars moved into the house two doors down, I said to Glenna,... Read more: HTML 

Flash 8/2010 #4: Bruce Holland Rogers


A Prose Fibonacci Sonnet.

Snow. Ice. Heavy skies. All flights delayed. Morris wished he could smoke.... Read more: HTML 

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