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We’re back, with a modern-day fantasy called “Banshee Lullabies” by Chazley Dotson, a literary story by Vanessa Blakeslee called “Clock-In,” and a near-future science fiction story bordering on social commentary: “Repair” by Steven Mathes.

Writers will be interested in the first of a two-part column by Bruce Holland Rogers discussing titles.

Finally, we have a Classic Flash by Chekhov about family and time: “A Living Calendar.” Enjoy! Read more: HTML 

Technically Speaking #2: Bruce Holland Rogers

Naming the Baby: Titles (Part I)...

In this article, first of a two-part series, Bruce explores the way titles affect your stories.

Titles are hard. They have to accomplish a lot in a few words. The ideal title will attract the reader who has a variety of stories to choose from, will grab the reader by the collar and say, “Hey! You! Yes, you! Here is exactly the sort of story you love!” Read more: HTML 

Flash 2/2011, #1: Chazley Dotson

Banshee Lullabies

The night my daughter sings my death, I am sitting in the living room floor, sifting through old pictures. I’m on my second glass of wine, white wine because the carpet is new.

In this one photo, Emily is lying in her crib, staring up at a mobile that Aunt Linda made for her. Tiny, hand-sewn stuffed animals dangle over her head.

What catches my eye about the picture is... Read more: HTML 

Flash 2/2011, #2: Vanessa Blakeslee


First we’ll clock you in on the computer and then you can start following me around. Your clock-in number is always the last four digits of your Social Security number, but for tonight you’ll need my number to get to the tables on the screen. Ever use Aloha before? It’s a pretty straightforward system. Go ahead — my number is 1979. Open the screen.

Okay, so... Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #46: Anton Chekhov

A Living Calendar

State-Councillor Sharamykin’s drawing-room is wrapped in a pleasant half-darkness. The big bronze lamp with the green shade, makes the walls, the furniture, the faces, all green, couleur “Nuit d’Ukraine.” Occasionally a smouldering log flares up in the dying fire and for a moment casts a red glow over the faces; but this does not spoil the general harmony of light.... Read more: HTML 

Flash 2/2011, #3: Steven Mathes


The tech at the door wore a heavy toolbelt. He looked angry. The ID collar around his neck pulsed as it broadcast his position to guards at the community gate. Menace radiated from the skeletal body under the rough black clothes and the bony hands under his thin composite gloves.

“You called for service?”

“Yes,” Darcy said. “The whole house is down!” Read more: HTML 

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