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In This Issue: Jake Freivald

Halloween and Regrouping

Halloween is upon us. Don’t worry about monsters, though: Mimsy will take care of you. (It’s a first publication by Kelly Wright.) Sometimes, though, as Dave Hoing shows us, the monsters might be in plain sight — even discernable In An Old Man’s Lap.

Our Classic Flash is a story of an unusual death by Kate Chopin.

No Bruce this month, and we’ll be taking a break until the new year. If you’d like the details, click the link here... Read more: HTML 

Flash 10/2011, #1: Kelly Wright

All Mimsy

Mimsy peered into the dark chamber. One hand daintily held her skirts up off the dirty floor. The other gripped a curved, snarled, shining blade.

“Hello? Anyone in there?” Her melodious voice infiltrated every cranny and nook, dank corner and dusty crevice. At the sound of her chiming query, darkness bulged and strained against the walls. The ceiling groaned in protest. Unable to escape, the suffocating dark retreated on itself and huddled at the margins of the room. Read more: HTML 

Flash 10/2011, #2: Dave Hoing

In An Old Man’s Lap

Colleen Kelley relaxes in the visitors’ lounge of the Barnet Convalescent Home in London. The facility is immaculate, even if the history of the neighbourhood around it is rather sordid. She writes Tuesday, 1 December 1959 in her diary as her granddaughter Jacqueline scurries among the residents, making a nuisance of herself. Old age is a strange thing to the little girl, the spotted hands, the papery, wrinkled skin, the stale breath and shallow breathing, the eyes blued by cataracts.... Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #51: Dwight M. Wiley

Her Memory

This story split third prize in Life Magazine’s Shortest Story Contest, and was published along with 80 other stories in 1916.

Warrington had really no right to be angry.

He was not engaged to Virginia, merely engaged with her in a somewhat tempestuous summer flirtation. Down in his heart he knew it for just that. But... Read more: HTML 

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