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In This Issue: Jake Freivald

April Fools

Every year, we get some submissions that just seem a little out there. April, the month for fools, seems to be a good time to let the best of them get some ink. Michael Aaron gets close to his work in “CAPS LOCK and the Ellipsis of Doom,” Jakob Drud leads us in a gentle “Meditation for the Dead”, and John Wiswell takes us to the “Sun Belt” (and I’m not talking Arizona). Also, in honor of the weird weather, Punch gives us “Another Ruined Trade” from November, 1914. Bruce’s latest Technically Speaking column makes a liar out of him — you writers won’t want to miss it. Read more: HTML 

Flash 4/2011, #1: Michael Aaron

CAPS LOCK and the
Ellipsis of Doom


proud to be at your side captain lets check the grammarphone for messages


when will they learn its just not right to conjoin unrelated subjects Read more: HTML 

Technically Speaking #4: Bruce Holland Rogers

Make It a Good Lie: Verisimilitude

One of the questions often asked of novelists and story writers is “How did you get your start?” The answer I most often give is, “I lied a lot as a child.” My answer sounds glib and usually gets a laugh, but I also mean it seriously. Fiction is a special case of lying. Moreover, fiction and lying both depend on what psychologists call “theory of mind.” Read more: HTML 

Flash 4/2011, #2: Jakob Drud

Meditation For The Dead

When you start this meditation, keep in mind that you’re not doing it to feel alive, or relax, or avoid decomposing. You should simply experience whatever is going on in your corpse. From moment to moment.

Gently focus your full attention on your breathing. Maybe you can find a hint of a breeze going past your nose.... Read more: HTML 

Flash 4/2011, #3: John Wiswell

Sun Belt

The Sun sucked in her gravity, drawing the planets taut about her waist. It’d taken far too long to bead them all onto her 1-dimensional strings. She wasn’t giving up now. Planets shuddered from the strain, beaded so tightly that they really didn’t fit, bulging on her solar flares.

“I think they’re just too small to wear,” said a random moon. “Perhaps as earrings?” Read more: HTML 

Classic Flash #49: Punch, November 11, 1914

Another Ruined Trade

I had secured an empty compartment. Something in my blood makes me rush for an empty compartment. I suppose it is because I am a Briton, yet it was another Briton who intruded upon my privacy.

At the first glance I saw that he would talk to me about the — well, what do you expect? I can always tell when men want to talk about it. Read more: HTML 

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